Boiler Maintenance and Boiler Repair in Leicester

Boiler Repairs and Maintenance

Boiler Repair in leicester

Boiler Repair in Leicester

There’s little worse than a boiler that’s broken down, especially when it gets cold and your heating won’t work.

Bob Brown Plumbing can help with all areas of boiler repairs and boiler maintenance.

Whether your boiler is isn’t heating water properly, makes an unusual noise or simple isn’t functioning you can give us a call.

Replacement Boilers

Sometimes a boiler is really just beyond any kind of repair or maintenance. And if this is the case then Bob Brown Plumbing in Leicester can help.

Old boilers are normally very inefficient and a new replacement boiler can usually save you money because it will use less fuel.

Our skilled installers will make the job as simple and hassle-free as possible and will always advise on the best boiler for your home or business.

So if you require any advice or help with your boiler please feel free to contact me on:-

My landline – 0116 2102369
My Mobile – 0744 5205373
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