Plumbing in Leicester

Although we do a wide variety of plumbing in Leicester this is a list of just some of things that we can help you with:

Main water cisterns/tanks replaced

Many properties have cold water storage cisterns in the loft or airing cupboard. In Older properties, these will be made of Galvanised steel. Over time they corrode causing potential water damage to the ceilings and surrounding area.

All leaking water cisterns can be changed for a modern plastic cistern, complying to water by laws, fully insulted and sealed.

Repairs & Maintenance

Any repair or general maintenance job can be carried out on the day I visit, no job is too small. I carry a full compliment of parts on my van to ensure, that in most cases, I do not need to spend valuable time collecting parts.

All new products supplied come with a 12 month warranty. If specialist spare parts are required I will ensure you are happy with the price and timescale before ordering.

Showers repaired and replaced

Over time, if not cleaned and serviced, your shower will eventually lose performance and could ultimately fail. I can repair or replace your old shower giving you a much better performance.

If you are looking for an upgrade I can advise the most economical solution for your current plumbing system.

Taps repaired & replaced

There is nothing more annoying than a leaking tap, especially if you’re currently on a water meter. I am able to repair the majority of taps. If the tap washers can be replaced, the taps seats will also be re-ground. The internal cartridge can also be exchanged and I carry a range of spares on the van to repair the annoying drip as efficiently as possible.

If however the tap is past its best and requires replacement I can assist on the choice of tap and install to up to date water regulations. Where practicable, all new taps must have an isolation valve placed to reduce water loss and assist in future repairs. All new taps fitted will have isolation valves fitted.

Bathrooms fitted

A bathroom can be a large investment and bring both comfort and extra value to your home. I can help in your design and offer solutions to your layout to make the bathroom as functional as possible whilst giving you that wow factor.

I can offer design supply and fit or a variation to suit your budget. I can also liaise other trades, plasterers, electrician and tilers to ensure the smooth running of your project.

Main stop cocks replaced

To prevent potential flooding, the main stopcock inside your property needs to be both accessible and operational. If your stop cock is not readily accessible, I can move it to a more suitable location or fit a “Sure stop” which is a bit like a light switch to make it easier to isolate your mains in an emergency. If your stopcock is jammed, in most cases, I can replace for new.

Dishwasher/washing machines fitted

Modern washing machines only require a cold supply and a waste. I can add the services required or modify existing services to fit any new or older device.

Water softeners fitted

In certain areas, water can be extremely hard. Hard water can cause damage to all your taps and moving parts causing calcium build up. To help prevent this build up I can fit a water softener device, varying from an inline magnet to a full salt adding system. I can help with the design, positioning and installation of such a system.

Saniflo”s fitted and repaired

Saniflo”s can be used to create bathrooms in areas that do not have access to a conventional waste or drain outlet. I can assist with the design, installation or servicing of the Saniflo or any other branded product.

Blockages cleared

All general blockages on above ground waste can be cleared with as much care as possible to the surrounding area.